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If you or a family member has struggled with feelings of depression, anxiety, trauma or other mental conditions, and are seeking confidential, professional treatment, we’re offers the support you need.

Andoloris has three key distinctive operations for the delivery and optimization of cutting edge medical care.

With an on-site presence, Andoloris provides procedure facility services for outpatient musculoskeletal and pain procedures such as epidurals, nerve blocks, intra-articular injections, ablations, and spinal cord stimulation trials. Services include physician support, fluoroscopy services, supplies and equipment, and ancillary support staff in a setting more comfortable and cost-effective than a hospital.

Secondly, Andoloris develops relationships with leaders in the industry for lab services, urine drug testing, repackaged prescription medication, and durable medical equipment for billing, collections, and accounts receivable management for interested clients.

Finally, Andoloris works with technology driven platform developers to ultimately build prediction based medical models. The vision of these platforms is to provide predictive models for disability/impairment based on injuries, body systems, medical co-morbidities, pain medication consumption, and more. Other platforms under research include predictive modeling of risk of injury, response to treatment, and expected time to recovery. One of the goals of Andoloris is to build predictive technology for practitioners and simultaneously protect patients by signaling the need to increase surveillance in those identified as potential outliers or those at risk for adverse events. The processing and modeling of a nearly limitless amounts of data is challenging. However Andoloris and its partners believe preventative medicine decision making lies hidden in the data. This aligns with the mission of Andoloris to eradicate or minimize injury and ensuing disease.
Our vaccines software

Our user friendly programs enable health care providers to access vaccines to effectively counter todays and tomorrows illnesses. It’senabling operational and health & safety teams to protect the workforce, comply with rules & policies, and ensure business continuity. Our purpose-built software helps you effectively manage exposure risks, stay on top of vaccine compliance and make informed health & safety decisions.

-Follow patients vaccination status and future immunizations.
-Gain visibility into potential exposures to infected employees and take necessary actions.
-Streamline reporting and create reports to surface key vaccination data points and patterns.
-Drive related actions to implement follow-up action plans & procedures to act decisively.

Our medical prescription software

Our user friendly programs enable health care providers to access the pharmaceuticals to treat a broad range of the most common acute and chronic diseases the leading automated clinical screening solution, using technology to help clinicians make better informed medication decisions. It’s combines a customizable set of embedded clinical drug screening application programming interfaces (APIs) with trusted drug content, helping hospitals and health systems decrease medication errors, improve patient safety, and optimize alerts.

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